Professional Will Drafting

Appleton’s services commence with the drafting of a thorough, comprehensive and bespoke Will, tailored specifically for each client’s needs, irrespective of the complexity of the estate. The foundation of an efficient and seamless estate is a thoughtful and carefully drafted Will. Appleton Will drafting is conducted completely confidentially and only by legally qualified professionals.

Wills should be updated regularly and in accordance with your needs, to reflect changes in your circumstances, be they personal, familial, professional, financial, or simply a change in your chosen beneficiaries. We recommend an annual review of your Will and we undertake this this service free of charge.

Consult with your experienced wealth planner, investment adviser, tax specialist, lawyer, accountant or trustee to ensure that your Appleton Will, as drafted, is the most efficient and cost-effective for your estate and thus for your beneficiaries.

As part of our service to you, Appleton retains a hard copy original of your Will off-site in fireproof safe-keeping, free of charge, providing you with the peace of mind that your family, trustees and beneficiaries can turn to us in their greatest time of need.

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