Service Levels


Regular, informative, accurate, transparent and reassuring communication with family, trustees and beneficiaries is vital to the successful and smooth management of an estate.

Our communication commences from the time of the deceased, where it is important to provide personal comfort and assurance to the bereaved. Our decades of professional experience has imbued us with understanding and sympathy during the time of most emotional need. But our key role during this time is to provide assurance to the family and beneficiaries of the deceased, that the estate is in good hands and that we are available to speak and guide them at all times.

We provide the family and beneficiaries with a plan and timeline for the management and conclusion of the estate, so that all parties are clear about statutory requirements, process and to manage expectations. While there is a team behind the management of every estate, a qualified and experienced Appleton administrator is responsible for providing the highest levels of professional service and attention to each individual estate.

We welcome regular dialogue with and feedback from all of our clients throughout the estate management process on our toll-free number 0800 50 60 70.