Setting the standard in Deceased Estate Administration.

Appleton Fiduciary Services provides the highest levels of service, attention, professionalism and efficiency. Independent since 1992 and totally focussed on Wills and estate administration, Appleton sets new standards in Fiduciary Services. With over 100 years of collective fiduciary experience, our mission is to provide our clients, their dependants and beneficiaries with complete care, satisfaction and peace of mind.

Professional Will Drafting Deceased Estate Administration

Our Services

Appleton has a clear, consistent and singular focus on the writing of Wills and subsequent Estate Administration. This allows us to recruit and employ only the top professionals in the industry and to focus solely on providing the very highest levels of service to our clients.

Our Company lives by and is known in the industry for its dedication to three core values, client care, integrity and diligence. These values are foundational to our business and are non-negotiable in all our interactions and conduct.



Appleton’s services commence with the drafting of a thorough, comprehensive and bespoke Will, tailored specifically for each client’s needs, irrespective of the complexity of the estate. The foundation of an efficient and seamless estate and executorship is a thoughtful and carefully crafted Will.

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The Administration of Estates Act prescribes the process and steps that must be followed when managing a deceased estate. Appleton provides a complete and seamless executorship service. Irrespective of the complexity of the estate, Appleton manages all stages of the estate promptly, efficiently and ethically.

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Appleton Fiduciary Services is governed by a raft of legislation including: the Administration of Estates Act (1965), the Wills Act (1953), the Intestate Succession Act (1987), the Income Tax Act, the Estate Duty Act, the Property Law Act, the Maintenance Act and the Customary Marriages Act. Thus, it is critical for us to remain abreast of all relevant legislation and regulation, not only for purposes of compliance, but to ensure that our clients receive the highest levels of service. As a result, our board is comprised of experienced directors and we also employ the services of compliance professionals to give additional guidance.

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Our Values