To Deliver Efficient and Ethical Estate Administration

If you are the named executor of an Estate, you may be aware of the impending administrative and legal work heading your way.

While you may have the team to handle some of the processes in-house, the Appleton team invites you to partner with us and deliver a bespoke solution to your office.

At Appleton we know Wills and Estates. We have built a highly-experienced team that is focused on delivering exceptional service to all parties involved. From liaising with and reporting to the Master of the High Court, to treating each beneficiary with care and compassion, we administer all aspects of the Estate administration process, including: dealing with creditors, estate agents, the Deeds Office and the South African Revenue Service. - we take care of every step.

Estates can be lengthy and laborious, but with Appleton, our industry knowledge and experienced team delivers some of the most efficient estate administration timelines anywhere in the country. If you would like us to handle the admin-intensive Estate Administration process on your behalf and in a cost-effective way, why not partner with Appleton?

As a Professional operating in a position of trust, you want the best for your deceased clients and to ensure a long-term relationship with their beneficiaries as well. Partner with Appleton - the Estate Administration specialists so that you can focus on what you do best.

We'll deliver the results for the next generation.


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Appleton’s services commence with the drafting of a thorough, comprehensive and bespoke Will, tailored specifically for each client’s needs, irrespective of the complexity of the estate. The foundation of an efficient and seamless estate and executorship is a thoughtful and carefully crafted Will.

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The Administration of Estates Act prescribes the process and steps that must be followed when managing a deceased estate. Appleton provides a complete and seamless executorship service. Irrespective of the complexity of the estate, Appleton manages all stages of the estate promptly, efficiently and ethically.

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Appleton Fiduciary Services is governed by a raft of legislation including: the Administration of Estates Act (1965), the Wills Act (1953), the Intestate Succession Act (1987), the Income Tax Act, the Estate Duty Act, the Property Law Act, the Maintenance Act and the Customary Marriages Act. Thus, it is critical for us to remain abreast of all relevant legislation and regulation, not only for purposes of compliance, but to ensure that our clients receive the highest levels of service. As a result we have experienced directors and also compliance professionals to give additional guidance.

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