Appleton is bound by and fully subscribe to the Code of Conduct of the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa (FISA).


Accordingly, clients and other interested parties can always expect us to be totally honest, fair and trustworthy in all that we do and say.

We have a solemn duty to uphold the integrity and honour of the fiduciary profession and to encourage and foster respect for it through their conduct.


Appleton will not, directly or indirectly, transfer to or receive into any personal account any funds, moneys, investments or other financial assets of any description, which are the property or in the possession of a client. The only exception to this provision is a fee to which the Company is entitled in accordance with legislation or any agreement with a client.

Appleton will not receive or take possession of any other property of a client in any other capacity apart from the fulfilment of our duties as a fiduciary company.

Appleton will not communicate knowingly in any way to any client, employer, regulatory authority, or any other party with a legitimate interest in the duties of the Company, anything which is not, to the best of its knowledge and belief, the whole truth.


Appleton will always be completely fair in any comparison of services, or products, or fees charged. Any fee charged by Appleton for professional services rendered shall be fair to both the client and the Company, commensurate with the service rendered, and reasonable in the light of all the relevant circumstances.

Conflicts of interest

Appleton will conduct all professional affairs in a manner that avoids any conflict of interest, or any appearance of a conflict of interest. Appleton will take all reasonable steps to foresee possible areas and scenarios where a conflict of interest could arise.

Appleton will not use any information that is not publicly available to invest in any venture that is or may be a client, borrower, or supplier or is in any other business relationship with the Company or share such information with any party that is or may be connected to Company unless it is legally permissible to do so.

Appleton shall, immediately when we become aware of a conflict or potential conflict of interest, notify all interested parties of its interest in the matter that leads to the conflict or potential conflict of interest.