February 2022

BUDGET 2022 – Sober and pragmatic with some personal and corporate relief

January 2022

Interview with FISA CEO regarding Masters Office

Parliament ordered to change inheritance laws

December 2021

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October 2021

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July 2021

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Court removes executors due to conflict of interest

Hand-written documents not accepted as a Will

May 2021

Court Case on Prescription of Accrual Claim

Court Case Treatment of Pension Fund

Proactive Estate Planning

April 2021

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Inheritance nightmare

‘Chaotic’ backlog at Master’s Offices

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Which One Wins?

Legal Consideration in Forming a Testamentary Trust

Families with Assets Overseas

December 2020

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Five Factors Influencing Our Future

Enduring Power of Attorney: A Solution on the Horizon

The Electronic Execution of Wills

October 2020

A Trust cannot sue or be sued

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Court rules life partners are spouses for intestate succession

Is the cost of a Trust worth it

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September 2020

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August 2020

Trust-to-Trust: the importance of valid trustee decisions

August is women's month, so here's a fascinating list of women's firsts

July 2020

Why a selfie-video or voice recording can’t be a valid will

Trust-to-Trust: Trustees must identify and record trust assets

POPIA is here National Law Review Summary

Key issues when creating a testamentary trust

FISA is well known by now to professionals in various fields

Court case on grandparents’ liability for maintenance of a grandchild

June 2020

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May 2020

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Appleton Managing Director, Tim Hughes – Masters Offices Nationally are now Open.

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April 2020

A Message from Ian Kilbride Chairman of The Spirit Group

A Message from Appleton Managing Director, Tim Hughes

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December 2019

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October 2019

Managing your parents' wealth takes tact, diplomacy and skill

September 2019

Over 70% of working South African’s do not have a Will

August 2019

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A deceased estate can take a long time to finalise

July 2019

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Commencement values in accrual marriages

June 2019

Testamentary Trusts

May 2019

Can your will compromise your wish to create a testamentary trust

Bequest Considerations

Be careful what beneficiaries can do with their rights

Consumer Education - The cost of death

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Dying without a Will is not heaven for those left behind.

Court case about authority to act on behalf of company

April 2019

Matrimonial Property Regimes

February 2019

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January 2019

Trust and Land Recent Case